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  • Haley Grogan

Introduction to my acting journey at Syracuse Stage! Sunday, November 21st, 2021

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Hello! In my first blog post I am going to talk about my general experiences in my role of Alice at Syracuse Stage.

To start, I’ll tell you how I obtained this role in the first place. Before the pandemic, my dad found the role on the Syracuse Stage website. We sent in a virtual audition, but then, of course, COVID hit. Syracuse Stage decided to hold auditions off until the next year. The next year, though, I sent in another audition and received a callback! Right before school started, my dad drove me to Syracuse Stage. A weirdly specific thing that I remember is that before the dance call, I was praying in the bathroom and practicing my audition songs! The dance call went pretty well and I tried to dance with a lot of energy. Then, the solo call was next. I sang three songs and performed one monologue. I did my best, but I walked out feeling unsure. With auditions, it’s like you can’t ever tell how you did! A couple of weeks later, I received the call that I had received the role of Alice/ Matilda understudy! (I remember screaming and jumping up and down in the kitchen, where I had been previously making an angel food cake.)

Now that I have had the privilege of being able to work on the show, I can say that it has been a truly wonderful experience. I am writing this from the mezzanine at Syracuse Stage right now, with 20 minutes until the warm-up call before the third preview. The cast is one of the most supportive groups of people that I have had the honor to work with. I can’t wait until opening night!

I would also like to thank my parents for driving me and putting up with my crazy schedule. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.

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